Your foundation to joint and spinal stability
begin at your feet!!!

By having custom made orthotics, you will be optimizing your general well-being! Spinal support starts at your feet. With FOOT LEVELERS custom made orthotics, you are getting one of the best orthotics on the market. They are flexible versus the hard rigid orthotics many podiatrist push. These orthotics correct pronation, supination, arch support and they have a special material to absorb the shock with every step you take! These orthotics will improve your athletic performance along with just adding support with every step you take. And, as an extra bonus, the custom made orthotics will hold your spinal alignment after a chiropractic adjustment much better!

Call NOW and get a no obligation to buy foot scan to see what kind of shape your feet are in! Mention you saw this online and receive $20 off your orthotics (does not apply to any specials). 484-7578

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