How to Find the Perfect Pillow in Spokane WA

How to find the perfect pillow in Spokane WA

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We get asked this question a lot in Spokane WA. That is a hard question to answer. Everyone is built differently and therefore needs different support. But with these tips, you can make finding the right pillow easier, instead of playing the guessing game.

Tips for better sleep in Spokane WA

First, determine what position you sleep in the most or what is most comfortable for you (back or side). If you are a stomach sleeper, break this habit. Stomach sleeping puts increased stress on the neck and back so try to avoid sleeping in this position. Now that you have determined your best sleeping position you can narrow down the type of pillow you need.

For back sleepers, you want a pillow that is going to fill in the gap between your neck and the bed but also hold your head as close to the neutral position as possible. You don't want a pillow that is too thick that lifts your head way up off the bed and you don't want a pillow that causes your head to tip back.

For side sleepers, you want a pillow that is again going to fill in the gap between the bed and your neck but also keeps your neck as close to in line with the rest of your spine as possible. Too thick or thin of a pillow and your head will be leaning more one way, this will cause the muscles on one side of the neck to tighten up and you won't be happy when you wake up in the morning.


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