Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Gina took the time to listen to my condition and spent time with me to change my bad habits. I had been going to other chiropractors but their treatments never lasted. After going to Dr. Gina, My back and neck started staying in alignment for a much longer time until I felt my back go out of alignment again, Thank you!!!"

- J.C.

"I initially went to Central Chiropractic as a last resort. I went to MD's, neurologists and had a CT scan of my neck to find out why I was getting headaches. No doctors could figure out why I was getting headaches and pretty much said I had to live with the headaches. My friend referred me to Central chiropractic so I decided to try chiropractic. I was a little scared because of all the old myths floating around but I figured had nothing to lose. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the doctors and everything they did. They actually felt my back (something no other doctors did). After the examination, my chiropractor told me my headaches were a result of my neck being out of alignment. After the first treatment, my headaches were relieved instantly. After a couple more, they were gone, after 5 years of headaches. I never felt so good."

- T. M.

"My shoulder has healed miraculously since I started chiropractic treatment. I had an old baseball injury and had lived with the pain for 10 years. After a few adjustments of the shoulder, I was able to do sports again. Thank you Central Chiropractic."

- A. J.

"After 1 failed surgery for my low back, I decided to try chiropractic. Was I amazed at the results. Most of the low back pain went away and all of the sciatic resolved. I love my chiropractor."

- M. T.

"When I was pregnant, I started getting back pain and pain shooting down my leg. I knew I couldn't take drugs like most medical doctors would prescribe so I went to Central Chiropractic. I didn't realize they had treatment tables for pregnant women. I loved being able to lie on my stomach while being treated. My back pain went away and I have maintained my chiropractic care monthly for my health. I even started my children with chiropractic care since I realize how important it is to have your spine aligned for optimal health. My kids can't wait to see their chiropractor."

- B. J.


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