Hip Abductions

Hip Abductions in Spokane

Chiropractic Spokane WA Hip Abductions

A good exercise for hip stability in Spokane, low back pain prevention and sports performance. Hip stability is a crucial part for prevention of back, hip and knee injuries. This exercise will help target the main pelvis stabilizers that help with lateral movements and reducing stress on the spine with bending and lifting activities. This can also get rid of that pesky IT band pain/tightness that just won’t go away with rolling/stretching.

There are several variations but I like the bent knee for beginners (AKA Clamshell) and the strait leg with mild external rotation if the clamshell doesn’t feel like it is doing much. The key is to lift as high as you can without letting your hips roll back, try to keep your hips perpendicular to the ground. The burn should be felt in the butt not your side.


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