Lower Cross Syndrome in Spokane WA

Lower Cross Syndrome in Spokane WA

Chiropractic Spokane WA Lower Cross Back

Lower crossed syndrome LCS in Spokane WA also known as "Unterkreuz Syndrome" is another condition caused by prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting leads muscle imbalances in the hips and low back from causing certain muscles to be constantly shortened or lengthened. This leads to tightening of the hip flexors and lower back extensors as well as weakness/inhibition of the deep abdominal muscles and the gluteal muscles. The hamstring muscles are also found to be tight due to the constant tension that is placed on them due to the pelvis tipping forward. Most people will notice an increased curve in their lower back.

Symptoms include: low back pain, hip pain, Sacroiliac/lumbar/thoracic and hip joint dysfunction, tightness in the thoracic spine and hamstrings, poor posture, inability to feel like you can stand up strait

Relief in Spokane WA

Relief consists of stretching the tight Lumbar extensors, hip flexors, and hamstrings. Strengthening the weak/inhibited abdominal muscles and glutes as well as improving core and hip stability. Chiropractic care to restore normal joint function. Decreasing/limiting the amount of sitting.


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