Upper Crossed Syndrome in Spokane WA

Lower Cross Syndrome in Spokane WA

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Upper Cross Syndrome in Spokane WA is becoming a more common issue. Now that more people are spending time sitting on computers, tablets, phones, and at desks this is leading to UCS. This condition is linked to poor posture and doing the activities just mentioned influences bad posture to occur.

Symptoms of UCS include neck pain, headaches, weakness in the front of the neck, tightness in the chest and back of the neck, fatigue, trouble with sitting/driving, decreased neck and shoulder motion, decreased rib movement, and ability to take a deep breath and numbness/tingling into the arms.

Relief in Spokane WA

Relief consists of correcting the bad posture by stretching the muscles that are tight in the chest and back of the neck, strengthening the muscles that are weak between the shoulder blades and in the front of the neck, and chiropractic adjustments to allow the ribs as well as a cervical and thoracic spine to move properly. Treatment also includes limiting time spent on the computer, tablet, or TV and being more conscious about your posture.


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