Piriformis Syndrome in Spokane WA

Piriformis Syndrome in Spokane WA

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Here is a condition that effects the hip and legs. When this gets really bad it can cause Sciatica in Spokane WA into the leg. The Piriformis muscle is located deep in the gluteal region. It is a flat, broad muscle that helps stabilize and move the hip joint. It helps us walk, shift our weight from side to side, rotation of the hip/thigh and maintain balance. It is pretty much active the entire time we are on our feet.

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Even though this muscle is active pretty much the entire time we are on out feet, it is not the main hip stabilizer, it helps assist other bigger muscles with stabilization of the hips and SI joints like the glute medius. If these bigger muscles are not firing properly and doing their job of stabilizing the hip/SI joints then more of the burden is placed on the piriformis muscle which can lead to a spasm of this muscle. Because the Sciatic nerve runs right under the Piriformis muscle as it travels into the legs, the spasm causes the muscle to clamp down on the large nerve and causes sciatica (tingling, pain, numbness down back of leg). In the beginning stages it may just cause pain, tingling, numbness in the gluteal region, but over time will progress into the leg. Pain/symptoms can be aggravated with sitting, running, walking up stairs.

Treatment consists of stretching the piriformis muscle, adjusting the SI joints to take tension off of the piriformis and improving hip/core stability.


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