Bicepital Tendinitis in Spokane WA

Bicepital Tendinitis in Spokane WA

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A condition of the shoulder caused by irritation or inflammation of the tendon of the bicep muscle. Typically presents after heavy weight lifting with the arms, repetitive over head motions with the arms, swimming or throwing.

Symptoms in Spokane WA include pain in the front of the shoulder that worsens after the activities listed above, pain/achiness that can radiate into the trap/neck, out to the side of the shoulder and down into the elbow. Some people experience a snapping sound/sensation with movement of the arm.

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This condition is related to the scapula. In most cases the scapula is not stabilized properly, which brings it out to the side and forward. This moves the head of the humerus in your arm forward more into the tendon of the bicep which can cause irritation from rubbing against it. It also requires the bicep tendon to stabilize the shoulder joint which it is not designed to do, leading to tendinitis. If you work on stabilizing the scapula, this condition will improve. Chiropractic care can help speed this up by restoring proper motion to the shoulder, rib cage and thoracic spine better allowing the scapula to sit in a stable position.


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