Thoracic Extensions in Spokane WA

Thoracic Extensions in Spokane WA

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Tip of the day: Thoracic Extensions in Spokane WA

Do you ever get really tight and/or sore between your shoulders by the end of the day? Do you have a desk job or sit on a computer/tablet? Try this out, it should help relieve some of that pain you get between your shoulders toward the end of the day. All of those tasks can lead to poor posture which causes increased stress on your neck and back. This exercise can help with that and encourage good posture.

Exercise To Try in Spokane WA

You don't need an exercise ball to do this. Your desk, a countertop, or even a dresser works great. If you have shoulder issues try crossing your arms place them at the edge of the surface and rest your head on your forearms. Once you are in position you are going to push your sternum to the floor and lift your head up. Do this a couple of times to get a feel for it. Once you are familiar with the exercise try gently pulling points A and B together (noted in the picture above) hold this for about 3 seconds. As a warning, you can get really sore if you push this stretch too hard. Slowly build up to a set of 10. If you get sore, stop the stretch and wait until the soreness goes away before trying it again. If you don't get sore then you can repeat this as needed throughout the day.


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