Psoas Syndrome in Spokane WA

Psoas Syndrome in Spokane WA

Chiropractic Spokane WA Lower Spine Xray

Psoas Syndrome in Spokane WA is said to be uncommon but I think that this is because it is very easy to overlook and commonly gets mis-diagnosed. The psoas muscle originates off the back from the T12-L5 vertebrae, then crosses the hip and inserts on the femur. This muscle flexes the hip, stabilizes the lumbar spine and can pull the spine into a number of directions depending on what position you are in.

As we spend more time sitting for our jobs, driving in the car or just relaxing around the home, we are encouraging this muscle to tighten up. Sitting with the hip flexed puts this muscle in a shortened position. Another cause of this muscle tightening up is poor core strength and overutilizing this muscle to stabilize the spine.

Psoas Syndrome has several different presentations which is why it is often missed. It can present with tightness or pain in your lower back, pain around the thoracolumbar junction, tightness in the abdomen, pain/tightness in the front of the hip that can go as far down as the knee, or even pain into the gluteal region. In some cases, if the muscle is really tight people can experience a popping or snapping sensation in their hip with movement of their leg or when getting out of a chair.

Psoas Syndrome Relief in Spokane WA

When this condition is properly diagnosed it responds well to treatment. Treatment consists of adjusting the lower thoracic spine, lumbar spine, SI joints, and hips. Stretching the psoas and hamstrings will also help reduce the symptoms. And finally strengthening the core (abdominals, back extensors, diaphragm, pelvic floor) and hip stabilizers.


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